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Skills Training weekend Windermere on Beneteaus 211 – September 13th

Forecast of 12 to 14 knots wind possibly building.  So why were we sat in the pouring rain barely moving across the lake.  The good news was, we always kept moving, no matter how slowly, the bad news was the pouring rain.  I couldn’t understand why when I stepped onto the scales Monday morning I still weighed the same.  Surely after that amount of time emerged in water, rain running down my face, water trickling into small gaps, collars and sleeves, through which to soak the so called dry clothing under the water proof gear, surely I must have dissolved a bit.

Salo Lake Garda June 2011 Open Italian blind match racing nationals.

Salo Lake Garda June 2011 Open Italian blind match racing nationals. Below are photos from the event:

Winning team - Salo Lake Garer

At prizegiving presentation

Vicki sheen, Nick Donini sailing Meteor Keel boats 1st place.