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Racing Timers and Watches:

The GBR Blind match racing team was emailed, to let us know that Optemum had sponsored us with a watch each.  As the totally blind member of the team I assumed they couldn’t mean me as however large or clear the dial or numbers, I could not read it.

Imagine my excitement when I was handed my  first ever racing watch which I, not only could;  hear increasing countdown bleeps, feel a vibration at each bleep, but due to the easy button layout and acknowledging bleeps when pressed,  I could  also set up the watch myself, and be confident I had correctly started it.

 At the Blind world match racing championships Sheboygan USA , I can confirm, despite sometimes not being able to properly feel my fingers due to the cold,  I never missed getting the start sequence. For the first time ever, I had a reliable countdown, which didn’t let me down through any of my ten races.

Optimum Time OS series 14

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