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Thursday June 14th Some Wild Racing

Out racing in wind speeds 22-34MPH. It was wild and fantastic and all credit to Dave who never suggested he should helm the race instead of me.

 I could hear the wind and the rain hammering onto our sea facing windows. I looked quizzically at Dave and Liz when they came to pick me up, but they just shrugged and said “We’ll go and take a look, it will be good practice for us”.

 You know its rough when all you can hear is; white water around you, the noise of the boats rigging and mast trying to shake itself loose, and the noise of the wind howling.

 There was the odd moment when I suddenly realised me and the rudder were making no impact to wear the boat moved too, as a wave simply picked you up and ran with you, hurtling the boat on through the water.

 Yes we were blown over a couple of times, but the with reefs and a blade, the boat still felt balanced and in the main, under control. Maybe on the edge, but still handling it well.

 Only three boats started in our fleet and only us finished.  The other two fleets where similar, so we weren’t alone.

 Afterwards, we all looked like drowned rats but the boat looked unharmed and fairly chilled about it all. The next day I did start to identify some aching muscles. Who needs to find fairground rides when you sail with the fearless Dave and Liz.

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