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Just Sailing Thursday 2nd May


Blues too a 28 foot Hunter Impala took to the water to join the Brixham club racing for the first time in three years. Dave and Liz Mills the owners took a very brave step and asked me to helm her.  I think much to all of our surprise we won our first race

John and Sally who I normally crew for, have gone off sailing to the Med for six months. We were all gathered on the boat at their  leaving meal

Knowing I was boatless for the summer season I had wondered if I could ask Dave and Liz Mills who I did occasionally race with before they stopped racing three years ago, whether they had any sailing plans.  The truth was, I was planning to wait until far later in the evening once they had had enough to drink and might  feel mellow and reckless and agree to a suggestion from me.

 However early in the evening, not even prompted by alcohol, Dave suddenly announced “Blues Too is a lovely boat. It’s almost criminal that she is sat on the mareener  not sailing on a Thursday evening”.

“Ah” I said,  “I’d been meaning to ask you a favour”

“Why”  retorted Dave “Would you helm her?”.

 I am just so grateful. Not only have they made their boat available, but they are giving up their time to get the boat race fit and come out and race her with me. Then on top of all that, Dave provides me with the sighted information I need. Remember, these aren’t the windward leeward  courses used in Blind fleet or match racing. With  only white sailing, Instead, club racing includes,   flying the spinnaker  as well as reaches  as well as the beats and runs.

 Well, we now have a crew. Harley a Brixham junior sailor will be joining us and when Dave and Liz can’t make it then Ian Mills their son a sailing coach, will also put in a guest appearance.

 Well first race, first win and we won the beer leg so we could celebrate back at the yacht club. The club members made it clear they were glad to see Dave and Liz back again and Blues Too back out on the water on race night. But did suggest it would have been more polite not to win the race and the beer on your first time back in three years.

 I am not expecting our results to always be so good, but regardless it will be  great to be out on the water with such good company and great to have such an opportunity to develop my helming skills.

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