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Brixham Yacht Club

I had the honour of being asked to be the after dinner speaker at the Brixham Yacht Club annual dinner and dance. The more cynical of you-my husband included-will be asking yourselves “So who dropped out?”

 On the plus side. It was good to be able to share with the members my genuine thanks for the club giving me my first opportunity  out on the water and great support ever since then.  

 It was great to discover how interested and supportive everyone was to hear about Perth and the world Sailing Match racing Championships.

On the negative side. I have discovered several disadvantages to being an “After dinner” speaker:

 You have to wait three hours before you speak.  This gives you three hours in which you will have convinced yourself that you have forgotten the whole speech.

 You are invited to a free seven course meal. However you are too nervous to  eat more than a few mouthfuls of each course.

You are sat in a room with a bar, and at a table where people are offering you glasses of very nice wine. However you are unable to drink alcohol as you need to keep a clear head in order to remember the speech.

Not being able to read from a set of printed prompts has its disadvantages.  It is difficult to hold a microphone and read from Braille notes. Reading from in-depth Braille notes is not fluent therefore I always memorise my presentations and speeches.  Far more fluent and natural but far more high risk and nerve wracking.

 As it was a black tie event Zeke, unlike my husband,  did me proud and the boy managed to keep his bow tie on and in place all evening

 I therefore have a plea. Next time couldn’t I be the “Before dinner” speaker?

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