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Dog Distraction

Dog Distraction

Blog Oct Friday 21

Getting everything together for the weekend of Match racing. Notice of race, Sailing instructions, race pairing, sail trim notes.

 Am I nervous? Probably more so than for any other competition. I think this might be different because I know that by me helming I am intentionally placing our boat at a dis advantage compared to all the other teams, who all have sighted helms and crews.  Why is this different from when I main sheet in  mainstream sailing competitions?  I have been competing in able bodied race teams for ten years.  I know the problems and have developed the communication skills and relationships with the other team members to make it work.

 So what’s different? With no opportunity to trial this, with no earlier competitions to practice this, we are literally leaping into the deep end. 

 A leap in the dark!  Oh well.  The good news is, this is an opportunity which will give us fantastic training and development of skills, regardless of actual results.  I will be spending the weekend sailing with three great sailors and good friends.

 Out of six ranked skippers I am ranked third.  This means I meet the two top ranked boats slightly later in the competition.  Any result will improve my overall world match race ranking and probably will be enough points to put me top of the other blind ranked sailors.

 So how am I controlling my nerves?  First things first, pack the sailing bag , Lucky Koala  given me in Perth,   Sailing gloves, water proofs and thermals ready for the early start on Saturday. Once successfully packed, racing instructions printed, I can loose myself walking the dogs up on Berry head.  They always make great distraction.  Zeke my guide dog, only three, now off lead, not working, so doing a great impression of a “guide kangaroo”, bouncing his way towards other unsuspecting dogs.  Stealing a deflated football from another dog. Zeke thinking his cute , and all other dogs must love him! However,  I seriously doubt the retriever, owner of said ball was impressed.

 My companion informed me the view from Berry head was so clear, you could see all the way across Lime Bay to Portland.  I wonder if this means we will have front seats for the Olympic  Portland/Weymouth sailing event?

 Oh well. Nerves now back under control, we are off to gather up crew members and head up the A303  to Stains and the Queen Mary yacht club.

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