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Skills Training weekend Windermere on Beneteaus 211 – September 14th

Having spent the previous evening drying out clothes, gloves and hats, we return back to the water with promises of 12 to 14 knots winds and less rain.  Ummmm, correct about no rain, but also no wind.  Descriptions of mirror like water and the ominous sound of sails flapping back and forth met our first 45 minutes.  Then hurray! wind, not great amounts but enough to practice.  It is always worth remembering that we will spend as much time racing in light winds as heavy.  I have a reputation as good in heavy weather, however my last three match racing competitions; a third followed by two first places, have all been in light winds.

I got the chance to practice; pre start coming up onto the wind to cross the start line fast and high. Time to build my knowledge around jib trimming in light winds and time on the helm as a guinea pig for the others to practice the instructions they would need to use if calling someone around a mark.

Sailing and meeting up with everyone was great fun and valuable time on the water practicing skills with instant feedback to allow reflection, review and repeating it again with more insight and practice.  I would like to thank Johnny who gave up time from being with his wife and twelve week old baby Jessica, and Ian and Gary on the other boats, plus Tobey and Laura my fellow crew mates and Lucy for organising the weekend.



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